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Its Hardy here! We wanted to use our first blog post about Big Oaks Kennel & Dog Park to tell you a story about ourselves. My wife, Elaine, snapped the below picture of me one evening on our lease in Charlotte, Texas. It has been raining quite a bit and the gauge at the gate showed that it had poured 2" of rain the previous day. I hopped out of the truck to see if the pond level had risen and boy, did it!

We chose this picture to start the blog because it symbolizes a seventy year old Texan looking to the future with hope for his family, business, community and nation.  

Dogs have run through my life since I was a child and dogs will run through this story. It is my hope that this story will enlighten some, entertain many, and motivate both the young and old who read it. We appreciate you being a part of our family, especially those that have been along for the ride for almost 20 years!

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