We have been blessed with six beautiful acres in the Heritage District of Old Town Buda and we would like for you and your best friend(s) to enjoy it! 


Our private, member only dog parks are the focal point of your one-stop shop for pet services. When complete, Big Oaks will offer 6,500 sf of Retail and Veterinary Space in conjunction with our current menu of products and services including Boarding, Training, Doggy Day Care, Grooming, and a Self-Service Doggy Wash.  Just think... Big box out of the box!


The staff at Big Oaks is and will continue to be the reason for our success. Watch them the next time you come in.  You and your pet would be hard pressed to get better service at a five star hotel.  Our friendliness, transparency and liberal access will give you ample opportunity to see a top notch pet care facility in action.

We have a no crate policy that extends to even our smallest boarding. daycare and grooming guests.   Why stay in a hospital or other confined lodging facility when you can howl to 'Home, Home On The Range' and  'Deep In The Heart of Texas' from the comfort of your own play yard or spacious quarters?  Not me!  


Our mission is to return every dog left in our care in a better state than when it came to us.  If we can't, then we have an obligation to speak up and insist that you look for another alternative. Fair enough?  

Every dog under our care is evaluated and classified as either a green, yellow or red card dog.  Green and yellow card dogs are the only guests who are allowed to play with others, but all of our guests who can safely free-range are in a yard multiple times a day for business and chin wagging across the fence.  So, if Fido doesn't earn a green or yellow card at first, we wish to encourage you to talk to our Trainer about how we might help your canine join in more fun while staying with us. 

Most sincerely, 

Hardy, Elaine, and Crew


Big Oaks Kennel & Dog Park Co.

 The company that wants your company!

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