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We are in the business of molding owners and their dogs into becoming great companions.  This requires leadership on your part.  Changing behaviors in dogs is usually fairly easy:  mark, reward, correct and repeat with good timing.  However, behavior changes we teach you or we directly bring about do not last if you do not understand the process and fully accept your responsibility to be the leader.  


Teaching you how to teach your dog to be obedient is the foundation upon which we bring a dog to change.  Our entire system depends on you assuming the leadership role in our absence.  Do you really want a companion dog that is observant of your needs and is obedient to your wish?  Are you willing to become the leader? If so, we invite you to continue.

 Phase 1  Basic Obedience


                       Cost ..........$2,000


Your dog stays with us for three weeks and you attend three lessons and two follow-ups. 


You will learn the importance of consistency and good timing while becoming adept at marking, rewarding and correcting your dog.  Commands we teach them are Sit, Here, Heel, Down, Whoa, Free, No, Off and Climb commands under moderate distance, duration and distractions while refraining from minor uncivil behaviors.  You will notice a distinct difference in the way your dog attends to you.  It will have greater eye contact and a calmness as it draws near to you.

 Phase 2  Advanced Obedience


                         Cost ..........$3,200


Your dog stays with us three weeks and you attend three lessons and two follow-ups. 

Continuing with a balanced approach, your dog will learn to respond flawlessly with increased levels of distance, distraction and duration.  This is your "Wow Dog' that only a great companion dog can become.  Uncivil behaviors will be a thing of the past as you and your companion train together reinforcing learned commands.

The advanced trained dog is an extension of your persona no matter where you go.  Trips to the office, retailer, hotel or busy public park will become second nature.  Companion dogs at this level often times mean more time in the outdoors for the both of you because there is no fear of another dog or animal spiriting it away.